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I do have to admit, the possibilities of 24 merchandise are limited, but I still wouldn't mind having that watch they had Jack wore one year wore by special ops. I think it even has a choke wire in it. (Not really.)

Now, as for this week's episode...


Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back!
Sorry. *ahem* Chloe's back and she tells Morris to beat feet with little Prescott out of town-- this is her time to settle the score. Hot dang! Let's see if she pulls out another M4 to take down some of the syndicate!

Janis--I'm sorry to say-- is becoming one giant thorn in the side of everyone. Kind of like Janeane's political views. I'm just kidding, I love you to death woman, tattoos and all.

Anyone else not like that look from Livvy Taylor she gave Aaron before he left about wanting to kill Jonas? Once again, she's gonna drag our boy into this somehow. Maybe the endgame for Aaron is stopping the person he's trying to protect. That'd be a twist.

And Tony--well, that's it. He just capped two more FBI agents personally, so the chances of him redeeming himself as a good guy I'd say just drove off into the dark forever.
Ultimately it's going to boil down to how Tony gets stopped: arrested, shot, killed, or even running off after redeeming himself somehow. Or redeeming himself before he's killed.
Latest theory: crisis of conscience, and brings down this evil PMC cabal himself, and not handing over the gas. But given the cadre reveal this close to the end of the season, I'd say it's a very good possibility that they could be back next year.

But hey, at least Tony got him some this hour. Bow chicka bow wow!
Cubby: 24 TCS

*insert obligatory "Time is Running Out" cliche*

So, once again, due to a rigorous schedule, no 24 or Planet X this week. This is starting to get annoying.

But, I do want to show that I am in the process of getting next week's done, and here's just a sample of it:

Believe it or not, this pencil only took about 10 minutes-- it's the inking, coloring and layout that take most of the time.

As I was sketching this morning, I popped in Season 5's extras disc and watched most of the material-- there is a really great piece of the supporting players. The affection the actors have for the show is truly astounding and genuine-- but the really interesting thing is that if you look close in the Logan's L.A. retreat, you'll spot a picture of them much younger together in a pic.

Only the thing is, that's not a photoshop job-- it's real. Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart were actually in a play together decades before and just happened to get a picture taken together in the cast photos. How screwy is that?

Oh, and about this week's episode:


Well, my theory that Tony used Larry Moss's death as a way to re-establish cover in a very dark way has gone flying out the window. Tony's bad. That's it, no arguing about it.

However, I do believe though that there will be a form of redemption for him by this day's end. There's no way they'd just turn Tony into a villain of the week. For all the love the fans have given the character, I can't see them chucking him into the bin as just a heartless monster-- though man, this is highly disappointing, since both Tony and I are from Chicago, and I guess I expect better from my brethren, real or not. (But Carlos himself is from Chicago, so, y'know...)

Anyways, I was surprised that Tony tipped his hand so quickly this hour, but then again we do only have what, 5, 6 hours left? They have to get this endgame started sometime I guess, right?

Anyways, see you next week with a new strip!

...I hope. :P
Renee 24:TCS

FLASH! Two cast members set to return for Day 8--details below!

Hey everyone, I stumbled onto this article fortelling of two returning cast members for season 8. Fair warning! It is spoilerific in only one small paragraph near the top--as well as for about a dozen other shows--so be careful; but I have to say, hurrah! I'm glad to see them return. One of them is even all the more interesting: backstory crucial to the plot! Oooooh.

Anyways, enjoy!
Right up the spine!

Time ran out.

Hi all,

just needed to drop a quick note to let you know there won't be any strip--24 or Planet X-- this week. Work is crazy. and I'm pulling mad shifts since Thursday. Mad being the key phrase--and I just haven't had any real time to be able to sit down and draw at all other than a few quick loose sketches.

Anyways, let's hope I get back on track next week eh? Hope for me!

Oh, and real quick question:

Is that secret service agent behind Malia and Bo Obama got a little Captain in him?
Aaron: 24TCS

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Hey everyone!

No strip this week-- I came up with a better one based on this week's episode, but I couldnt get it drawn in time for Tuesday-- I ended up working on the show and being devastated that David Alan Grier got cut. Now I have no one fun to keep me entertained at work.

But, to make up for the strip, I've worked on something new for you and your cell phone, by popular request:


Now I sized these perfectly for the iPhone users out there (me being one of them), but they can also be used by any cell phone. You'll just have to figure the way to get them onto it. But, iPhone users can just take a quick shortcut and tap on the 24 logo to pull up this page again, hold their finger on whichever photo they like, and save to their photo gallery. No need to resize, I've tested them on my own phone and they're perfectly centered.

I've got two for you this week: Tony and Bill.

Now, let's discuss this week's ep:
Seeing Jack seize up really had me freaked. He's gonna be a mess near the end of today, and his syringe pack only had three treatments-- and he already burned one while at FBI HQ after his first treatment. Now that Kim's re-emergence is imminent, I'd be hard pressed to believe that my theory that Jack would be killed off this season and Tony would replace him will pan out. But there's a very tiny dark part of me that wouldn't mind that happening.

With this the second hour that Chloe's been gone, it would seem that she might very well be done for the season. I can't see her coming back, unless they call her to work remotely at home.

Olivia, or "Livvy" is, well, confusing. What's her game? To maintain her interim Chief of Staff position and turn it into a full-time position? Considering she was trying to start a pharmaceutical company just hours ago, I'd say she either thinks on her feet, or is just plain nuts. But I'd still take a roll in the hay with her.

Moss's distraction worked nicely to get Tony away. But I'm also tired of people willing to help the government from the inside getting killed within the hour they do-- case in point, Starkwood's CEO beaten with a glass flask and thrown 15 feet onto a hard floor below.
But hey, at least that Port Authority guard lived two weeks ago.

By the way, the fella who play Tom Chapman, the bio-scientist that's leading the project (bald fella) is played by Philip Anthony Rodriguez, who Jake 2.0 fans might remember as Jake's handler, Kyle Duarte.
I missed the show when it was on originally, but I caught it later on SciFi--oops, excuse me, "Syfy" *rolls eyes* reruns. Good show. Check it out if you get a chance.

Anyways, see you next week!

Roamin' around, lookin' for some time...

Hey everyone! Sorry there wasn't a strip last week. I had an extremely busy week-- between auditioning as host for a web video game news show (and landing it, only to turn it down),and putting in long shifts on Dancing with the Stars, I just ran outta time! I didn't even get to watch the new episode of 24 until Thursday!
Anyways, the new strip should be up tomorrow along with Planet X the following day.

Also, be sure to watch the new Dancing w/ the Stars tonight on ABC before 24 to catch me riding Segways with Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak! Here's an idea of who to look for:

See you tomorrow!

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Bill: Season 7

24 TCS: The Written Comic

Hey all,

There won't be an illustrated strip today, because, well, the script for it got so big I was looking at either a three day comic or roughly six pages, which, as you know is just not feasible with my hectic work schedule. It's actually the first time my idea got too big to handle.

So, I present to you the Collapse )
Right up the spine!

Well, maybe Daylight savings shorted Jack's and my day to 23 hours...?

Hello dear readers,

due to circumstances beyond my control, the comic will have to be delayed until tomorrow. And quite possibly my viewing of tonight's episode.

Y'see, I'm back to working on Dancing With the Stars and tonight is the premiere episode for season 8, and it's pretty much going to be like this every week for the next 12 weeks. I planned on drawing all day yesterday, but there were some last-minute dealings and I ended up working the better part of the day.

So, watch Dancing (You can watch House on Hulu--ABC's rerun player on their site isn't what you'd call good) and switch over to Jack afterwards!

Meantime, I leave you with this link to last Friday's Planet X comic strip!
Just click Fred to learn who's really watching the Watchmen.