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Blue Screen of Death

Well, sorry I'm a tad late this week--Monday I was down to the wire thinking up a script for this week. Nothing against the writers, but there hasn't been much to poke fun at in the past two eps (not counting this week). On the edge ex-FBI agents and abusive ex-boyfriends don't necessarily make for a laugh riot, and Jack spent nearly 1.5 episodes in a car. A car, dammit.

Anyways, Tuesday was a disaster thanks to Denny's free breakfast--which I got up at 5:30 am after only 1 1/2 hours of sleep, so my level of awareness was all over the map. So, today, here it is. I hope you enjoyed it.

So who thinks...
President Hassad's going to snap by the end of the day? He's just getting worse and worse each week.
Next week: He arrests his daughter!
2 Weeks: His wife!
3 Weeks: The hot reporter he was banging! Just because he can!

Finally though, Jenny/Dana--maybe I'll call her Jana... or Denny... Nah, then she sounds like a Wonder Twin or a free breakfast--anyways, it's good to see her story making progress. But next week she finally fesses up to Fred Jones--I mean, Prinze Jr. About time. These two haven't even so much as a amicable hug. It's more like Barbie and Ken go out for sodas between these two.

President Taylor's at least keeping herself out of trouble. Somehow though I imagine if she does end up with her feet to the fire, they'll find a way to call in...

Honestly, I don't know how they could reasonably do it. Maybe he's in the motor pool down in the garage listening to satellite radio.
Still, we need our Aaron damnit. And he has to survive.

Also, needs more Chloe butt shots. Whooooo.

Anyways, that's it for this week. Be sure to check out my latest daily batch of character drawings at my site. Leave a comment too! I'll give you free cookies for life if you do.*

*"Cookies" can be defined as digital placecards used by websites to retain information. Subject to flavor, color, and size of megabyte.
Tags: 24, 24 the comic strip, aaron pierce, jack bauer, keifer sutherland, president hassad, president taylor

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