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Humor Branch Special Agent In-Charge

So many pictures, so little time...

As promised last week, here's some new animated icons of two of the most welcome faces back to 24 for you:

Feel free to take-- just make sure you credit your ol' pal neosquirrel.

The new strip is coming tomorrow-- just a tad of tweaking-- along with the usual commentary about tonight's ep.

Now, onto something slightly different--

First up, everyone's favorite missing CTU Techie, spotted in 1973 on Life on Mars last week after LOST:

Milo! Or better known as Eric Balfour. He played a down-on-his-luck brother to one of the regular detectives on the show. Unfortunately, he's on the lam now, thanks to being loosely tied to organized crime. That's the character, not Eric. ;)

Now check this out-- a few weeks ago I found not one, but two former stars of 24 in one episode of TNT's new show Leverage:
First up,

Season 1's Rick Walsh, (Michael O'Neill) mentor/CTU Division boss to Jack-- he was playing a disgruntled banker who ends up holding his own bank hostage in the middle of a robbery.

Now the other cast member is a bit more obscure and only for the most hardcore of 24 fans:

Christian Kane is a regular on the show, and in season 2.5 (otherwise known to PS2 gamers as 24: The Video Game (which by the way is canon-- it fills in all the blanks between seasons) Kane played head bad guy Peter Madsen, former co-worker of Jack in Special Ops. He ends up creating a seismic earthquake that messes up L.A., and Jack ends up chasing him to the docks where he blows up in a fiery boat explosion, thanks to you-know-who.

I kept looking at Kane going "I know I've seen him somewhere before..." Thanks IMDb!

For you Arrested Development fans, see if you can figure out who this is:

If you said Lucille Bluth (or Jessica Walter), you'd be right! I found her watching an episode of Quincy playing a talk show host who turns out to be the embittered twin of the now-dead host-- she learned her quirks by becoming her assistant in disguise for two years and then offing her! It kinda really did sound like something Lucille might do, and have a martini afterwards.

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