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Okay, lets see some ID. No one's getting into CTU without an ID card. Unless you're Lynn McGill, apparently.
And if you understood what I just said, you're SO in.
Anyways, as the strip is going to bounce around from "day" to "day", you're going to see characters that are supposed to be dead very much alive, generally because again, there may be a Season 1 strip followed by a Season 4, and then a Season 2. I'll try to not confuse you too much.

Also-- if you're not an avid watcher of 24, or have just started watching it,keep in mind each strip will have a disclaimer below the small intro pic informing you whether or not it may contain spoilers for a certain season you may not have seen yet. As for getting the jokes, well, that's up to you to do a little research if you don't get it. Or just go buy that season's set. All will become clear soon enough. But hey, there's always the annual "yearbook" we put out here, it could help.

Meantime, there should be a new comic strip up every Monday before the new show that day... after the hours run out, 24: The Comic promises (under it's breath) to (sort of) make available a new one each week thereafter.

This is a way for me to say "thank you" to Imagine and Fox for putting up with Jack's antics for seven years now. I'll refrain from making any comments about what I think of Fox for declining Arrested Development, which just happens to be Imagine's other great creation.

Anyways, let me know what you're thinking about this, good or bad. I'm here to listen, to respond, and ultimately go my own way with the strip. But ideas are most welcome.

So, with that, here we go. Start the clock.
Renee 24:TCS

365 Days Of Character: The Fire in Her Eyes

Although many of you may not know it, I am drawing daily at my own site's blog, sketching a character from all forms of entertainment. Yesterday though I felt utterly compelled to draw a face you all know too well, and for obvious reasons if you watched last night.

You can click here to see the whole illustration and the writeup.

Please feel free to comment at the blog.

Incidentally, the reason I haven't been posting new strips is, well, I haven't been finding anything to make funny about the recent episodes--they're just too grim. However, I do have one ready for next week, so keep your eyes peeled Monday. ;)
Tony Season 7

Day 7 Finale strip: Tuesday (hopefully)

Just wanted to get you all a taste of the big finish for the final story-related strip for Day 7. Fortunately, I got to see it live tonight (well, West Coast anyways) and I was piecing things together from the preview trailer, and of course, my simple plot exploded. It may possibly reach three pages. We shall see.

Anyways, here you go.

Here's hoping I can get it done in time.

P.S. How about Kim's "DAMNIT!"

NOW she's a chip off the old block.
Renee 24:TCS

Like a redhead storming the castle, hanging out a car window guns-a-blazing...

Hey everyone,

Sorry about not even posting last week-- Dancing with the Stars is kicked into overdrive. I didn't even have time to post that it wouldn't be up!

However, this week's is in production, and I'm hoping to have it up by early tomorrow morning, barring a heavy workload today.

So, put the earpiece back in, keep the line open and (hopefully) we'll see you tomorrow.