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The Dana Walsh Conundrum

Be forewarned! Inside lies spoilers concerning Season 8!

As promised, here it is. I decided to leave it in my rough pencils because, well, it's a rough subject for me. Just makes me wring my hands.
Honestly though, if it weren't for the plotholes, I wouldn't have ever started this comic to begin with. Seriously.

As for tonight's episode:


Hey! At least Renee got to make a final appearance! And she's the only character ever to have gotten a silent clock twice! There's something she can take to the grave... ooh, too soon? Anyways, the government's going to have her next of kin info anyways nurse, don't bug Jack about it. Heck, they probably have her shoe size, what groceries she bought last week, and know how many episodes of LOST she has saved on her DVR on file.

President Allison Taylor in the meantime lets disavowed ex-President Logan to play cutesy with the Russians. But who gave him this information that he withheld? Another Russian? The Huffington Post? WHO?! GIVE ME A NAME!

Chloe in her new Chief of CTU position realizes that she has to play by the rules and stand up straight when President Taylor (her boss--and everyone else's for that matter) shows up and tells Jack he can't be the badass he wants so badly to be after what he's been through today and stand down to cover up the Russians being behind trying to put the kibosh on the peace summit. Methinks someone's someone's still upset they didn't take back the gold medal from the U.S. in hockey yet again after Lake Placid 1981.

Jack of course knows what's wrong, and decides rather than contacting wikileaks.org, he'll just expose the truth himself and bring those Russkies to justice, steals a helicopter, and flies off to fight New York air traffic.

Tick Tock Jack... 6 hours left.


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Apr. 20th, 2010 07:13 am (UTC)
I too have wondered what happened to President Keeler. At least we were told he was alive. Last we saw President Weasel, er, Logan, he was on death's door.

I am more curious: Where is Agent Pierce?!
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