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Shop 'Til You Drop Dead

I do have to admit, the possibilities of 24 merchandise are limited, but I still wouldn't mind having that watch they had Jack wore one year wore by special ops. I think it even has a choke wire in it. (Not really.)

Now, as for this week's episode...


Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back Chloe's back!
Sorry. *ahem* Chloe's back and she tells Morris to beat feet with little Prescott out of town-- this is her time to settle the score. Hot dang! Let's see if she pulls out another M4 to take down some of the syndicate!

Janis--I'm sorry to say-- is becoming one giant thorn in the side of everyone. Kind of like Janeane's political views. I'm just kidding, I love you to death woman, tattoos and all.

Anyone else not like that look from Livvy Taylor she gave Aaron before he left about wanting to kill Jonas? Once again, she's gonna drag our boy into this somehow. Maybe the endgame for Aaron is stopping the person he's trying to protect. That'd be a twist.

And Tony--well, that's it. He just capped two more FBI agents personally, so the chances of him redeeming himself as a good guy I'd say just drove off into the dark forever.
Ultimately it's going to boil down to how Tony gets stopped: arrested, shot, killed, or even running off after redeeming himself somehow. Or redeeming himself before he's killed.
Latest theory: crisis of conscience, and brings down this evil PMC cabal himself, and not handing over the gas. But given the cadre reveal this close to the end of the season, I'd say it's a very good possibility that they could be back next year.

But hey, at least Tony got him some this hour. Bow chicka bow wow!


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Apr. 29th, 2009 12:13 pm (UTC)
Tony is up to something. Killed FBI agents or not, he *needed* them to go through with their plot on this day for some reason. I still think he's being sneaky. It may not be completely good what he's doing but I think he's using all these people, including the girl. It's obvious she thinks she's using him, but come on, this is Tony. No one uses Tony. It's happened once, and that was because they had Michelle.

He's doing something far deeper than we've been shown I think.
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